From the Desk of Director

Dr. K.C.Behura, B.E, MBA , Ph. D.

At the threshold of New Millennium and 21st century SCITM has heralded with a new era of value based education and high-tech academic excellence.

 In fact, SCITM has been a hub of an expanding Universe of vast vistas of modern technology.  It is a hub of learning of modern technology in picturesque nature as well as Industrial environment. It is an oasis in the vast desert of backwardness, poverty, hunger and deprivation. Not only under-privileged including tribals the people of Koraput do get super skill education at affordable level but also students from all over the Indian Nation are receiving the cruets of scientific knowledge and technological innovations of 21st century . All the essential engineering subjects are taught here and corresponding essential infrastructure has been developed. The College is located in the divine lap of the nature.  The climate is such that, it provides a comfortable stay in this place. The cultural milieu enriched and exciting with regular sports and games events . In deed, the Campus is a home away from home. The encompassing SCITM environment extends a serene message of robust , optimum, fulfillment, confidence and assurance of quality education.

 I have no doubt that,  the Institute is destined to progress further in the days to come.

 I wish all the best to this great Technical Hub.