Computer Science & Engineering Dept.

As it is well known, Communication has always been important from the time of Adam & Eve. But over the years it is refined and made into a sophisticated tool viz. internet, Networking Web solutions i.e. Communication Revolution. The Department of CSE of SCITM takes special responsibility to bring our students to Limelight.  It is committed to assist our talented students to achieve excellence in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.  This Department is spearheaded by Er. Kalpataru Das and ably assisted by Er. Madan Mohan Barik , Er. Suraj Jena & Mr. Sunil Moharana .  


Besides the above,  we have excellent  Labs/ Workshops in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical , ETC & AE&I .  We have an exceptional Central Computer Lab Center with about 200 P.Cs with latest software.   


Our Library Section, Accounts Section & Office are being looked after Sri M.R. Patnaik, Sri Chandrasekhar & Sri K.C.Mohapatra respectively .


This Institute has an excellent Play ground and lot of Sports activities are going on  regular basis  after College hours.  Mr. K.C.Mohapatra is the Sports Officer of this Institute.