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Dating Tips For Single Workaholics

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It could be rooted in some childhood issue they never resolved, or some fiercely competitive streak, or anything in between. Whatever it is, though, if you remind them that you’re proud of them just for, y’know, being them — no career trajectory, no awards, just for who they are — they’ll melt a little bit. And they’ll feel more at ease and comfortable with themselves and you. Maybe they won’t take on that extra project, just so they can spend that much more time with you.

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The guys recall competing together on a reality dating show. He goes through a lot of pressure at work which drains him out, you know that. After that, if you nag at him, call him names or blame him he will either get frustrated or his morale will go down thinking that he’s not able to handle everything that well. Instead of nagging at him or being rude, go easy on him and try to make him understand things in a calm manner. It is essential to express your feelings if your partner’s work is causing problems in your relationship. Tell your partner that there is a problem.

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Use technology to stay connected when dating a workaholic long-distance

The first thing you should do is try to understand the cause behind your guy being workaholic; once you do, you can tackle the problem better. By tackle I do not mean you be his mother and take charge of his job and his life. Sometimes men get so absorbed in their work, they do not realize it is affecting their relationship. Women being more sensitive and emotional, can pick up these signs easily though. Try to make your guy see what is happening. Talk to him, but not like a counselor or a teacher – talk to him like an equal.

Tell him that a full day off is something every girlfriend whose boyfriend is married to his work deserves. Well, no relationship is perfect, let us tell you that. But if you want to make it work, then these 12 coping tips will help you adjust with a workaholic.

Workaholics usually have some goal in mind, or some kind of motivation that spurs them on at work. Perhaps he wants to buy a new car, or be a homeowner before he’s 30. Whatever the reason is, knowing that all of the hard work is meant to create a better life down the line is an attractive quality. The best way to know how to make a relationship work with them is to ask what they need. You might be surprised by what they ask of you. Workaholics are exhausted from work, so even a simple de-stressing act can benefit them so much.

In order to do so, you have to understand that this type of relationship will come with its own downfalls that many other relationships do not. It will take Lovestruck communication, support, and a healthy amount of self-esteem to make it work. Never suffocate you or make you feel like you don’t have time for yourself.

Value relationships over work, which is often not the case for workaholics. Instead of listening to someone else, do what is right for you and your relationship. You’re the one with someone, not everyone else.