Meanwhile, when Bridget breaks her leg because of Kerry’s blunder, she makes her little sister’s life a living nightmare. Is shocked and delighted when his biological father – a motivational speaker and “little person” – reveals himself for the first time to his wayward son. But Jim doesn’t trust the man and thinks he may have ulterior motives for the visit. Paul must deal with his daughters’ interest in boys. For the most part, Sagal pulled off the most demanding aspects of the episode, even saddled with dialogue like ‘We don’t deserve this” as she questions God about the unfairness of life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He is divorced, having formerly resided in Florida before moving into Cate’s basement, and often tries to beat C.J. He takes pride in C.J.’s success as a teacher. Kerry is livid when Bridget unintentionally makes a mockery out of her art project at the mall.

by W. Bruce Cameron

Older daughter Bridget was very popular with boys, much to her father’s dismay. The episodes were mainly about him trying to do what was best for his children, whether they liked it or not. He and his daughter argue about her behavior, clothing, and boyfriends. The second and third seasons were centered on the rest of the family, due to John Ritter’s untimely death in 2003.

After watching the film Freaky Friday, Cate awakens to find that she has switched bodies with Bridget, C.J. Has changed places with Jim, and Rory has swapped places with his hamster. The only one not affected is Kerry – who begins to find the entire mishap amusing.


James Garner and David Spade later joined the main cast as Cate’s father Jim Egan and her nephew C.J. After three seasons, ABC cancelled 8 Simple Rules in May 2005 because of low ratings. The Hennessy clan — mother Cate, daughters Bridget and Kerry, and son Rory — look to one another for guidance and support after the death of Paul, the family patriarch. I find Ritter’s performance — as a father besieged by a pop culture he no longer understands — to be, within the confines of the series’ dumb-dad punchlines, rousingly substantial.

“The Heron” is the nickname a big-city accountant has attached to himself in his new home near San Diego, where he’s using the alias to avoid a hit man who may be after him. It seems a former client believes that The Heron has skipped town with several million dollars not his own. Don Winslow’s ensuing, entertaining yarn is by turns twisty, dark, and comical as we observe the delicate dance between the pursuer and the pursued. For me having John Ritter narrate the book was great. The audio book was enjoyed by the entire family.

He is hysterical and even if you don’t have children or remember your own childhood, you will be smiling and noding along as you read. Maybe I need to invent a time machine and go back a decade or so and give it another go and really give my parents a headache or two. Reading this book was a very emotional experience.

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Ritter’s character, Paul Hennessey was later written out and Jim and CJ were brought in. Paul Hennessy dies in a supermarket while buying milk. His death had an impact on the rest of the family, especially Bridget. Bridget regrets her former attitude towards her father and changes her way.

I thought it was funny enough then that I kept the book, intending to listen again one day. Well, I listened via Audible this time, and it’s still pretty funny/amusing, although John Ritter gets pretty manic with his reading at times. Still think the 8 Rules are funny and spot on. It’s worth a listen–only a couple of hours-plus. But if you are looking for some light reading, or have teenage girls, this book will provide welcome relief.

Their accounts of their first romantic encounter are different, each professing to have had more self-control. Despite this, they have some very intimate moments. Kyle, portrayed by Billy Aaron Brown, is Bridget’s – and later Kerry’s – boyfriend. He is often seen spending time with Rory when not with either Kerry or Bridget. Jim Egan, portrayed by James Garner (2003–2005), is Cate’s father. Jim served in the Korean War and is proud of his service (he becomes angry whenever the war is called a “police action”).